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Business Visa

A fantastic opportunity has presented itself for business owners as the world becomes more open to international trade. Trade and business between nations are made easier with the aid of business visa. These visas, which are normally for a brief period of time, enable its holders to conduct business while traveling.

Business visas, which have a limited period of validity, enable their holders to do business while traveling. A business visa is a sort of travel authorization that enables a person to go to another country in order to conduct business there.

They might conduct business during the visit that isn’t considered job or employment.

Its holders are prohibited from working full-time in the nation where the visa was issued.

Wider World Immigration can assist you in weighing your alternatives and applying for a visa that will give you the best chance to conduct business overseas.


To facilitate international trade, nearly every nation in the globe provides a variety of flexible such visa alternatives. The business visa is often your best option if you need to conduct client meetings, attend conferences, travel on-site, or conduct sales meetings. The majority of business visas let you:

  • Stay temporarily in the country you are applying to
  • Conduct business and financial transactions
  • Setup a temporary office
  • Travel in that country


  • Intention of your visit must be business related
  • You must have enough finances to cover your expenses during your stay
  • You must intend to return to your home country after your visa expires.


Despite the fact that each nation has its own requirements, there are some documents that almost all of them require. These consist of:

  • A valid passport
  • Travel itinerary including accommodation and flight details
  • Business and professional credentials
  • Academic credentials
  • Evidence supporting that you plan to return to your base country after conducting your business
  • Evidence of adequate financial resources
  • Medical examination and evidence of adequate insurance
  • Filled application with enclosed fee


Wider World Immigration can assist you with the  business visa application procedure as one of the top immigration consultants in India. Your case will be assigned to a specialized visa counselor who will support you at every step. Our assistance includes:

  • Help in collecting the required papers
  • Document checklist
  • Visa Interview Preparation – if required
  • Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate
Business Visa


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