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Ontario PNP

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program(OINP) – Ontario PNP

Ontario is a Province located in east-central Canada that shares its border with the U.S. with the great lakes. Its home to Ottawa capital of Canada, known for Parliament hill’s Victorian architecture, and national galleries that features Canadian and Indigenous art. Capital of Ontario, Toronto is the land of opportunities in the field of technology with expansive views from its revolving restaurant as well as High Park and the site of a rare oak savannah Habitat. Ontario is the most progressive and developed province in Canada due to its large corporations and multi-national companies. Ontario is full of opportunities as 40% of Canadian citizens live in Ontario and the majority of Immigrants wish to settle in this particular province. Ontario offers its provincial nominee program, i.e.  Ontario PNP to boost Immigration to this region. Applicants who wish to settle in Ontario can choose Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, Ontario PNP to move to Ontario along with their families by meeting the eligibility requirements and also can apply for Canada PR Visa.

Streams To Apply For Ontario PNP (OINP)

  • Employer Job Offer – In demand Skill stream
  • French-Speaking skilled worker stream
  • Skilled Trades stream
  • Human Capital Priorities Stream

Employer Job Offer-

This program is introduced by Ontario government for those skilled and international students who wish for a permanent job offer from an employer in Ontario. There are also three sub-Streams under this category:

  • Foreign worker stream: For the applicants residing in and outside Canada who have a valid job offer from an employer situated in Ontario.
  • International Graduate Stream: For the international graduates residing in and Outside Canada with a valid job offer in any “Skilled occupation” under Canada National Occupational Classification (NOC) classified as Type 0, A, or B.
  • In-demand skills stream: For the foreign skilled workers with a valid job offer in specific in-demand categories like construction, agriculture, nursing, retail, advertising and marketing, business management, finance, information and communication, and trucking.

French Speaking skilled worker stream

The French-speaking skilled worker stream of Ontario allows candidates with proficiency in French to apply for this program.

Skilled Trades Stream

Ontario skilled trades stream is a stream under the Ontario Immigrant nominee program which allows applicants with experience in Ontario in trade occupation to apply to live and work permanently in Ontario.

Human Capital Priorities Stream

Ontario’s Human capital priorities stream allows foreign skilled workers and International Graduates from the express entry pool with the required Age, work experience, Qualification, and language proficiency to apply for this program and become economically established in the province.

Eligibility Criteria For Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program?

  • Must have an active Express Entry profile (Not more than 9months old)
  • Calculate 67points Out of 100 from Canadian immigration points Calculator
  • Must have Bachelor’s Degree evaluated by ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Must have Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)-7 in English or French by recognized language test
  • Must have a Minimum 1 year of experience in NOC (0, A, B) Active from last 5 years as Per NOC(National occupational classification)
  • Must show sufficient funds for initial stay.

How to Apply for Ontario PNP(OINP)?

  • Take your educational Credentials evaluated from WES or any assessment authorities of Canada.
  • Take your Language proficiency Test (IELTS)
  • Create your Express entry profile
  • Show your EOI (Expression of interest) for Ontario
  • Once your profile matches CRS Score released by province you will get ITA (Invitation to apply within 24 hours)
  • Submit the required documents and Fee
  • The accepted profile gets 600 CRS points after that update your express entry profile
  • Wait for 4-6 months for approval from the province

Documents Required For Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program?

  • Updated Resume/CV
  • Passport Scanned Copies
  • Photographs
  • Academic Degrees ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Language Proficiency Test report
  • Employment Letter (Offer/reference Letter)
  • Proof of funds

Application fee for OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) – CAD $1500 ( Approx INR. 90,000)
The estimated Process time for OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) is 6 to 7 Months.

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