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Apply For Canada PR – Benefits, Mistakes, Tips and PNP

Apply For Canada PR

Understanding Permanent Resident Status in Canada

A person attaining Permanent Resident (PR) status in Canada is someone who has been given the status of permanent resident in Canada by the immigrant authorities but is not a Canadian citizen. A permanent resident avails many benefits like a Canadian citizen. However, if you wish to apply for Canada PR, you are required to meet the necessary obligation requirements like residency obligation.

A person in Canada temporarily, may it be a student or a foreigner, is not considered a permanent resident of Canada. The Permanent residents must keep a PR card with them as while traveling outside Canada, it is required to show your PR card along with your passport whenever you come back on a commercial vehicle, like an airplane, boat, train, or bus. If you do not carry your PR card, due to whatever reasons, you will not be able to board the flight, train, bus, or boat to Canada.

Also, it is much more important to keep in mind that your PR card should not expire. If it expired, it is your responsibility to apply for a new PR card but, it does not mean that you have lost your permanent resident status.

Benefits of Having a Canada Permanent Residency

An Applicant who is going to apply for Canada PR attains Canadian Permanent Residency having access to a PR card can enjoy several benefits. However, some of them listed are:

1. Live and Work Anywhere in Canada

A Canadian PR Visa gives the legal right to the applicants to live and work anywhere in the country. When moving to a whole new country, most of the applicants are worried about their jobs and a place to live, but Canadian PR gives them the freedom to work and live freely anywhere. This means you can move from one province to another province and it does not tie you to a single employer.

2. Free Education for Children

Children of applicants having permanent resident status can easily avail the benefit of free education up to secondary school i.e., Grade 12 (until the age of 18 years). Not only this, the universities in Canada have also reduced their tuition fees. After graduating, post-secondary school for permanent residents is much cheaper than it is for international students.

3. Access to Healthcare Services and Social services Universally

One of the most amazing benefits of having a Canadian PR is that permanent residents of Canada can have access to world-class healthcare facilities and social services. This means you get access to free healthcare and social services universally. Moreover, pension and retirement benefits are also offered to the Permanent residents who are senior citizens.

4. Family sponsorship

Once you get entry as a permanent resident and you wish your family to join you, you can apply to sponsor your dependent children, spouse, or common-law partner. Moreover, if you immigrate through ‘Express Entry’ you can include your family members in the initial application process only rather than applying for a sponsorship later.

Common Mistakes When Apply for Canada PR

If you are planning to apply for a permanent residency in Canada, it is necessary to be aware of the common mistakes that are generally undertaken by the applicants while applying for Canada PR.

One of the leading immigration consultants, Wider World Immigrations, has identified some of the top mistakes that should be avoided to undertake a smooth ongoing process for the Canadian PR application. One stop destination for people who are willing to have consultation and apply for a Canada PR.

  1. One of the biggest mistakes is not to fall under the eligibility criteria. The applicant should be aware of the age and language requirements as mandated by Canadian authorities.
  2. Proper research on the rules and regulations while applying for PR in Canada is an essential part. This is another common mistake that people make to apply for a PR without any updates on the latest changes in the immigration policies in Canada.
  3. Filling out the application form incorrectly. One should always make sure to check all the relevant details twice while submitting the form. It is better to take more time instead of filling the incorrect information which can lead to hurdles in the application process whenever an applicant tries to apply for a Canada PR.
  4. If an applicant does not provide the supporting documents mandated by the Canadian authorities along with the application form, it is also one of the mistakes that can cause difficulty.
  5. One should always consult with a visa expert or an immigration consultant to get guidance in understanding the requirements for the Canada PR process.

These are some of the above-listed mistakes which should be avoided for a smooth and hassle-free application process.

Tips for a Successful Canada PR Application

To ensure the success of your PR application to Canada, it is crucial to be well-prepared for the entire process. This section presents some of the essential tips for a smooth and successful Canada PR application.

1. Research and Choose the Right Program

Before beginning with your application process, careful research to choose the correct immigration program that best suits your qualifications is necessary. Each program has its eligibility criteria, so make sure that you meet the requirements. Various program options include family sponsorship programs, Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs) and more.

2. Determine Eligibility Criteria

Once you choose your program, it is necessary to review the eligibility criteria for that program. The factors determining the eligibility of an applicant could be age, work experience, education, or language proficiency.

3. Language Proficiency

Language proficiency is accessed through various English or French language proficiency tests such as IELTS or CELPIP for English proficiency, and TEF for French proficiency is the most crucial part for the successful application. The higher the score, the more the chances of successful application.

4. Double-check all necessary documents

If you are applying through the Express Entry System, create a compelling online profile. Ensure to provide all the relevant and accurate information about your education, work experience, language proficiency and other details.

5. Stay Updated and Patient

The process of immigration can take some time so it is necessary for the applicant to keep a regular check for updates on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Apply for a PR in Canada after Graduation – Express Entry

An online system that is used to manage immigration applications from skilled workers is referred to as an Express Entry system. The three immigration programs are managed through Express Entry:

1. Canadian Experience Class

  • For skilled workers who have a Canadian work experience of three years.

2. Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • For skilled workers who have foreign work experience and must meet the education criteria and other factors.

3. Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • For skilled workers who are already qualified in a skilled trade and have a valid job offer or certificate of qualification.

If you find out that you are eligible for Express Entry Program, you can also apply through Express Entry for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs).

Canada PR under the Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is for the workers who want to live in that province, who have the skills or education to contribute to a specific province, or who want to become a permanent resident of Canada.

The application of the Provincial Nominee Program depends on which stream you are applying to. It could be through the Non-Express Entry Process or the Express Entry process. As a part of the process, you will be required to clear a medical exam and attain a  certificate of police check which is mandated by the Canadian Authorities.


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