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United States Of America(USA) is commonly known as the United States is a country having 50 states having a population of more than 330 million people. Among these more than 45million people are immigrants who have migrated from different countries across the world. It is the fourth-largest country by area after Russia, Canada, and China. The nation’s capital is Washington DC. The nation is a wonderful place with a beautiful natural environment variety having, the Arctic to the subtropical, moist dense rain forest, desert, mountain ranges, and farmlands. The united states have a diversified population where people have come from different countries all over the world. Over thousands of people apply for US Visa every year.


The United States is a developed country where the market economy has the world’s largest GDP and net worth. Not only this, there are various reasons why people choose the Unites States for immigration. The United States is well developed in its education sector, health sector, high living standard, science and technology and provides better career opportunities and living space with affordable living costs. There are various programs by which people can immigrate to the United States and can apply for permanent residence by US Visa.




What Are The Various Kinds Of USA Visa?


There are various kinds of visas(185 types) offered by the United States to people who want to apply for USA immigration. These Visas are categorized into two main categories which are explained below:-


  1. Non-Immigrant Visas- These Visas are issued when the applicant wants to immigrate for temporary purposes such as employment, Visits, tourism, study, etc.
  2. Immigrant Visas- These Visas are issued when the applicant wants to immigrate permanently to the United States for various purposes


The Followings Are The Various Kinds Of Main Visas Offered By The United States


  1. Student Visa –

Under student visas, F & M Visas are issued for academic & vocational purposes. The process of issuing of these visas also depends upon the candidate’s school and field of education. Depending upon these factors, the applicant has to apply for either F1, F2, or M1 Visa.


  • F1 Visa – visa issued for students
  • F2 Visa – visa issued for F1 dependent holders
  • M1 – visa issued for vocational purposes


  1. Visitor Visa –

Visitor Visa is issued to those candidates who wish to visit the United States for a maximum period of six months. This visa is categorized into two types:-


  • B1 Visa – This visa is issued for business visits
  • B2 Visa – This visa is issued for tourist visit



  1. Exchange Visitor Visa –


Such visas are issued during exchange programs and for some practical training & employment in the United States. Exchange Visitor Visa is classified into two types:-


  • J1 Visa – It is a temporary US study and exchange visa
  • Q Visa It is a temporary exchange visa issued for international cultural visitors for work purposes.


  1. Temporary Work Visa –

A Temporary Work Visa is issued by those people who want to immigrate to the United States for temporary work purposes. This Visa has the following category:-


  • H1B Visa – Visa for those who have been employed in specialized fields
  • H2B Visa – Visa issued for some temporary seasonal workers apart from agricultural work
  • H3 Visa – Visa for those who wish to immigrate for training and education purposes
  • L1 Visa – Visa issued for intracompany managers and executives of the company



  1. Treaty traders & Investor Visas –

E Visas are issued under Treaty Traders & Investor Visas for those who have treaties of commerce & navigation in the United States. This Visa has two types:-

  • E1 Visa – Visa issued for treaty traders
  • E2 Visa – Visa issued for the treaty investor


  1. Immediate Relative and Family Sponsored Visas –

Visas are issued for people who wish to immigrate with relatives and want to sponsor their family to the United States. The followings are some of the popular categories under this visa:-


  • IR-2 Visa – Visa issued for unmarried children under 21 years of age
  • F3 Visa Visa issued for married sons and daughters and their minor children
  • F4 Visa – Visa issued for brothers and sisters of US citizens, and their spouses and minor children



  1. Fiance And Spouse Visa –


  • K3 Visa – Visa issued for spouses of US citizens who are in process of getting permanent immigration status
  • IR1 and CR1 – Visas issued for spouses of US citizens.


  1. Employer-Sponsored Visa –


The followings are the various kinds of employer visas issued by the US for the applicants:-


  • EB1 Visa – This visa is issued for those people who have good academic and work experience to immigrate to the US permanently.
  • EB2 Visa – This visa is issued for those who have higher qualifications and degrees and excellent abilities in arts, science, and business.
  • EB5 Visa – It is the special employer-sponsored visa that allows the holder to live, work, study, and retire in the US without having to find an employer
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What Are The Documents Required For The USA Visa?


  The followings are the major documents required by the candidates applying for the USA Visa:-


        • Appointment Confirmation Letter
        • Confirmation Page On Visa Application DS-160
        • Your Passport
        • Candidate’s Birth Certificate
        • Police Clearance Certificate
        • Medical Certificate
        • Proof Of Your Travel Insurance

(Additional certificates may be required in certain situations)

What Is The Processing Time For The USA Visa?



There is no specific processing time for the USA Visa. It depends upon the type of visa the candidate wants to apply for. The candidate can expect a duration of 3-5 weeks for a USA Visa application to get processed

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