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Canada Vs Australia: Which Nation Is Best For New Immigrants

canada Vs australia

The Overview

But the biggest question raised is – Is it better to migrate to Canada or Australia? Choosing between Canada Vs Australia could be a tough decision! But it completely depends on what you are finding for. While Canada and Australia share a lot of similarities, they are also two completely opposite sides of the planet.

This blog gives you an insight about the differences between Canada and Australia depending upon the job opportunities, economies of scale, education, cost of living, and various other key deciding factors which will help you to make a right and fruitful decision.

Canada Vs Australia

Canada is a country with a population of approximately over 38.7 million people where 23% of the population comprises of immigrants. The Currency followed there is Canadian Dollar (CAD) which is very strong, where 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 1,32 CAD Dollars.

Talking about Australia, it is a country with an overall population of approximately 26.3 million people which comprises of 30% people born overseas. The currency followed there is Australian Dollar which is s strong as Canadian Dollar. Here, 21 US Dollar is equivalent to 1,46 AUS Dollar.

Basic Requirements For Immigration

Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker program is a program that requires candidates to have at least 1 year of full time, skilled work experience in the industry. Skilled work experience as defined by Canada, is any job at National Occupational Classification TEER level 0,1,2 or 3.

Similarly, Australia’s have their Skilled Independent Program which requires that the candidate must prove that they are well versed and qualified to work in one of the eligible occupations as specified under the program. Generally, Australian Immigration maintains a special purpose list which indicates all the programs eligible occupations.

In order to be eligible, the immigrant must consult with the proper Assessing Authority which works as a proof that the immigrant is eligible to practice that profession in Australia. If an occupation is not in the list, then the applicant is not consulted as an eligible applicant for the program.

Top Differences between Canada and Australia

1) Job Opportunities


As compared to Australia, it is very much easier and convenient to find a job in Canada especially in the tech-based industry where there is every growing demand for highly skilled and professional foreign tech professionals.

The top job opportunities available for immigrants in Canada are:

  •   Food Service Supervisor
  •   Software Engineer
  •   Administrative assistant
  •   Information systems analysts and consultants


While, it is quite difficult to find a suitable job opportunity in Australia, where wages are higher so that you can conveniently earn more.

The top high-demand jobs for immigrants include as follows:

  •   Electrician
  •   Construction Manager
  •   Registered Nurse
  •   Secondary School Teacher

2) Economy

The 10th largest economy in the world is Canadian Economy and the 12th largest economy is the Australian Economy with the Canada’s GDP of about $1.73 trillion and Australia’s GDP of about $1.571 billion.

The projected Economic growth in Canada is 1.3% in 2023 whereas in Australia the projected economic growth is 0.7% in 2023.

3) Cost Of Living

Canada’s cost of living as compared to Australia is a bit cheaper which is approximately 17.7% less. Whereas, Australia is considered as the 13th highest cost of living in the world as it is the most expensive country to live in.

Toronto and Vancouver are the two most amazing and expensive cities in Canada. The Canadian Government also provides food benefits and free health care to help people with the cost of living.

Whereas, in Australia, Sydney is the most expensive city followed by Melbourne and Perth as these cities generally come with a higher price tag.

4) Healthcare

Canada and Australia commonly share the same system of healthcare facilities. Although, Canada tends to charge a lower price for its healthcare facilities.

MEDICARE is the universal healthcare system which provides free basic healthcare in Canada to its citizens. Not only this, Australia does offer its citizens and permanent residents the low-cost or free basic healthcare facilities.

5) Education

If compared to Australia, Canada’s education system ranked 4th in the global rankings and is one of the top and most affordable amongst other countries. It also offers free schools to the children of immigrants up to the age of 16-18 years. Immigrants also have the option to send their children to private schools where a tuition fee is charged. Canada’s top university, Toronto University, has been ranked as 18th in the world.

However, Australian education system ranked 8th in the world but here the education is slightly expensive to the immigrants as compared to Canada. But the Government schools are mostly free of cost for the permanent residents and Australian citizens. The top Australian University, Melbourne University, ranks 27th in the world.

6) Ease Of Immigration

Canada’s process of immigration is much easier and more convenient as compared to the Australian process of immigration. In order to Apply for Canadian citizenship, immigrant must have permanent resident status and be physically present in Canada for 1095 days (approximately 3 years) for 5 years before the date you sign your application. You also must take a citizenship test and file your taxes.

However, in Australia, with your Australian PR, you can live, work or study in Australia for up to 5 years. Also, in order to apply for the Australian citizenship, you should have a PR status for 4 years.

Canada Vs Australia: What is the Verdict?

While, the choice between Canada and Australia is highly neck to neck as both the countries represent amazing and excellent opportunities to grow your career and build a life.

However, the complete decision lies in to personal needs, preferences, and priorities. 

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